Satcom Technologies Private Limited is India's leading System's House focusing on applications based on Satellite Technologies . We provide solutions to Aerospace and Defense industries in the areas of Satellite Comunications, Meteorology, Remote Sensing and Geo-Spatial applications.

The Products and Technologies we offer involve primarily systems that receive and process data from LEO (Low Earth Orbiting) or GEO (Geo Synchronous Orbit) satellites and Subsystems & Components used in these areas.

With the advent of Satellite related technologies in various fields, the demand for Systems and Solutions to utilize these technologies is growing at a rapid pace. Satcom Technologies Pvt. Ltd. endeavors to fulfill this large and growing demand for Systems utilizing Satellite related technologies through its association with leading global players by offering State- Of- the- Art solutions

Some of the world's leading companies with whom we are associated are:



  • Dartcom of UK for Reception and Processing Systems for Meteorological Satellites.

  • ITRES Research Limited of Canada for their airborne hyperspectral sensors, and airborne digital mapping technologies and their applications.

  • Earth Observations Division of MacDonald Dettwiler and Associates of Canada for their Image Processing and Product Generation System for Remote Sensing Satellites.

  • RADARSAT International (RSI) of Canada for RADARSAT imagery.
  • Reach Technologies Inc. of Canada for High Speed Digital Data recorders, Bit Error Rate Testers and Telemetry Interfaces.
  • Satellite Service BV of The Netherlands for Telemetry & Telecommand Systems, Satellite On-Board Data Handling Equipment.
  • Satlantic Incorporated of Canada for theirocean monitoring workstation software for ship detection, oil spill monitoring, sea state estimation using RADARSAT imagery.
  • Tesoel AB of Sweden for High Reliability Co-axial RF and Microwave Switches.
  • ViaSat Satellite Ground Stations Division (formerly Satellite Networks Division of M/s. Scientific Atlanta) of USA for Satellite Earth Stations for Reception of Data and Imagery from Low Earth Orbiting as well as Geo-synchronous Satellites.
  Our commitment for a long-term local support through our Customer Support group sets us apart from the rest.

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